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Cloud Based Property Management System

iManagemyhotel is a web based hotel management software which lets you manage multiple properties from the cloud. You can manage bookings, reservations, billing, operations, housekeeping and do a lot more to manage your property from any computer, mobile or tablet device.

Manage Multiple Properties

You can manage multiple properties from the cloud and choose to install a standalone frontdesk management system in each hotel.

Works Offline Without Internet

Our standalone hotel frontdesk reservation system will work without internet and sync all the data to your cloud account whenever internet connection resumes. You can continue billing and other work without worrying about

See Reports and Full analytics

No matter where you are, you can always check all the reports from any computer or mobile device.

Hotel Channel Manager

We integrate your hotel’s PMS with an Online channel manager which helps you to manage inventory, distribution, rates in real time across online travel agents(OTA’s) and Global Distribution systems (GDS). This helps in automating inventory distribution and reduces overbookings, increases sales and improves visibility.

Automate Room Inventory Distribution

Automatically update your hotels room inventory across major online OTAs. NO manual hassles and effortless distribution of your rooms in real time.

ZERO Overbookings

We guarantee you ZERO over bookings which ensures your hotel maintains a good reputation with Online travel agents and guests.

Increase Sales And Revenues

With Real time channel manager, you have maximum visibility across all the online channels, which allows you to sell more rooms and achieve higher occupancy through effective real time distribution.

Online Booking Engine

We provide you a free mobile friendly website for your hotel so you can start accepting reservations and payments from customers. The bookings received from your website is integrated with the PMS and Channel manager, so you do not have to update every other booking provider when a booking is received from your website.

Get Bookings From Your Website

Compete with OTA’s and local travel agents by getting an SEO optimized mobile friendly website for your hotel which will contain a booking engine with payment gateway.

Apply Discounts, Coupons And Surge Pricing

We understand your need of serving discounts, coupon codes and surge pricing for specific dates. You can create discounted rates, coupon codes and enable surge pricing from your account settings and the same will be reflected in your online booking engine

Accept Payments Through Credit Cards, NetBanking - No Maintenance

We charge 6% commissions from your booking revenue. You can accept payments from customers through Netbanking, Credit and Debit cards. There is no Maintainence required at your end since we maintain your booking engine.

Restaurant Software and Point Of Sale

A restaurant is a key selling point which is also most vulnerable for theft and staff manipulation. We provide a robust restaurant and POS system which works offline and syncs all the transactions to your cloud PMS. Our solution consists of multiple user hierarchy which has been built keeping all the real life possibilities and problems in mind.

Restaurant and POS system - works without Internet

Our Restaurant and Point of Sale system integrates with your Hotel management software and you can operate it without an internet connection at your hotel. Using the restaurant system, you can manage kitchen orders, restaurant billing, maintain stocks, supplier payments and many more day to day tasks.

Add Food Bill To Bookings

The restaurant system lets you post food bill to a particular booking and you can generate a final folio of a bill which contains both bookings, food bill, inclusion and other items. The billing can be completely customized to your needs.

Moderate Theft And Control Costs

A restaurant is very prone to theft from staff, be it billing or material stocks. With a robust restaurant management system in place, you can control thefts, keep a bird’s eye view on Material consumption, stock issuance and manage operational aspects of running a restaurant.

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