On Premise Hotel And Restaurant Management

Our On Premise Hotel management system let's you manage your Frontdesk operations and Restaurant operations from your hotel. This On premise software works from your computer without requiring an internet connection, so you can continue to operate the system even with poor or no network connectivity.

When internet connectivity resumes, all the data in the software is synced to your cloud account for you to see from anywhere..

We understand your need of an On premise offline hotel and restaurant management system which can work without any external dependencies.

You can use any number of devices in your hotel for using the application. Example - you can dedicate one system for Hotel Frontdesk operations, One system in the restaurant, one more system in stock and Kitchen operations and so on and so forth.

Sync With Cloud PMS

The best part of using our On Premise standalone hotel management system is that it syncs all the data to your cloud account, whenever it finds an active internet connection. This way, all your data, transactions, customer information, billing, taxes, operational details are stored safe in the cloud account.

If for some reason, your system crashes or the computer stops working, the data is safely backed-up and can be restored in one click

When the On premise system syncs data to the cloud system, the PMS and the Channel manager goes to work and updates your online channels as usual.

This reduces repeated procedures to update the PMS and the Channel manager again and again and automatic sync functionality built in.

Restaurant Billing And Operations

We understand how critical it is on your part to keep a close eye on Restaurant billing and operations, since this is the business unit which is most vulnerable for thefts and staff malpractice.

Our Restaurant management system comes with separate and integrated billing for restaurants and Hotel Frontdesk, and depending upon your needs, you can choose to have separate billing or integrated billing for Hotel Frontdesk and Restaurant.

Whenever food is ordered in your hotel's restaurant or Kitchen, you can associate that Kitchen Order Ticket with a booking and post the bill to that specific Booking ID. This will let you generate a single billing folio for your guest which includes both the booking cost and the food bill.

You can see how many bills were generated in a given day, month or week and can segregate how much business is coming from Dine In's, how much business is coming from Room Service and how much business is coming from "Take Away's".

Inventory And Stock Management

When you run a restaurant along side a hotel, you have to manage inventory for raw materials and manage a stock of items that are regularly consumed in your hotel and restaurant.

Our system let's you manage raw material inventory and stocks in your restaurant. The tool keeps track of item consumption, available stock and alerts you when you need to purchase more raw materials for your hotel or restaurant. If we see erroneous behavior in item consumption or stock consumption, we alert you on the new pattern so you can check if items are being spent judiciously.

Inventory management, vendor payments and stock consumption can be operated both from the Property management solution and from the On premise software and the data is always kept in sync between you, your hotel staff, general manager and other stakeholders, so the entire team knows how much raw material inventory and stock is available and how much is being consumed on a given day, week or month.

Restaurant Sales And Consumption Reports

When you use the restaurant management and POS system to run your hotel's restaurant, all the sales and consumptions are tracked on a day to day basis.

You can see all the reports from your home, without having to call your restaurant manager or hotel's general manager to see how much sales has happened on a given day, what was the consumption in a given month, how much taxes needs to be paid and so forth.

You can compare restaurant reports with past data and see whether the business is improving or deteriorating. Above all, our system is theft proof and it cannot be tampered by your hotel staff in any way. We also closely watch their operating pattern and inform you whenever any suspicious activity is observed.

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