Receive Bookings From Your Website

Do you know that most people prefer to book directly with a hotel at a lesser rate, compared to make the booking from an online travel agent?

Most hotels do not have a mobile friendly website with a booking engine and payment gateway, which prevents guests to make bookings and as a result, the hotels lose a major chunk of the revenue which otherwise goes to those hotels who have a website with a booking engine and a payment gateway.

If you already have a website, we help you integrate an online booking engine with a payment gateway in the website, so that guests are able to book rooms from your website.

Guests will be able to see pictures of the room, compare rates, check availability and then pay using the payment gateway to book a room at any of your hotels.

Payment Gateway Integration

We understand your need of a booking engine which is able to collect payment from your guests as advance payments. Unless the booking engine is able to accept advance payments from guests, the booking cannot be confirmed and it could mean loss in revenue and business for your hotel or property.

We provide an integrated payment gateway with the booking engine so when your guests book a room, they are taken to the payment page where they can pay the advance amount through debit cards, credit cards, online wallets and Internet Netbanking accounts. Once the money is collected from the guest, we transfer the money to your Bank account within 7 business days.

Once a booking is received from the booking engine, you are instantly notified in the property management system that a new booking has arrived from your hotel's website or booking engine. If you are using Channel manager alongside the property management system and the Online booking engine, we will automatically update the respective inventories to your online channels, as and when bookings are received.

Apply Surge Pricing

We understand your need to control the pricing of rooms in your hotel's website acording to the changing needs of your business. You may want to apply surge pricing on specific dates, or maybe lower the pricing on weekends.

The Booking engine allows you to setup custom prices for all your rooms for a given dates, add surge pricing and let's you change room rates in real time. So even though you are selling the room at a higher price in an online channel, you can choose to sell the same room at a lower rate through your website on specific days, if required.

Personalized Booking Engine

We understand your need to have a personalized booking engine which works the way you want it to work. We understand you want the booking engine to have the same color scheme and look and feel of your website, you may also want to choose a layout and other options which affects the appearance of the website..

Our booking engine let's you have complete control on the appearance and layout so that it looks like the booking engine is an integral part of your website. You can also choose which sections to show and which sections to hide, add room pictures, content, specific pages, address, map location and many more details.

Coupons, Packages and Promotions

Once you have a booking engine, you would want to create coupons, run promotional campaigns and create packaged bookings. The booking engine we provide allows you to create coupon codes which would in turn allow guests to book at a discounted price.

You can also specify specific rules for packaged bookings e.g If it is a packaged booking of more than 10 days, apply a flat discount of 10%. You can also run promotional campaigns and generate more business for your property by converting campaign visits into bookings at a discounted price.

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