Central Reservation System

The Central reservation page let's you create reservations, walk in's and bookings which will store these bookings within your system for future reference. Once a booking is created, you can send a customized welcome email to the guest, send SMS alerts, print invoices, bills and all of this will be available for future reference.

A Central Reservation system is very useful when you have multiple locations from where bookings are received. You can make bookings from your hotel front desk, booking office or through a travel agent if required.The Central reservation page let's you manage inclusions, travel agent bookings, corporate bookings, meal plans and many more features.

Booking Calendar

The Property management system comes with a booking calendar which shows you all the bookings, guest check-in's, reservations, hold bookings, guest check-outs in one page. This is the easiest way to know which room is booked, which room is reserved, which room is occupied, which room is under maintenance and which room can be given to a new reservation or booking on any given day.

If you have multiple properties, the booking calendar will show bookings from those properties as well. You can click a booking to see it's details and even perform basic operations - edit booking, cancel booking, check-in guest, check-out guest.

Guest Check-In's and Check-Out's

The Property management system let's you do guest check-in's and guest checkout's.

When you check-in a guest, you can take guest picture, attach ID proofs and other documents. The guest photo, pictures and documents are saved forever in your account and you can reference them at a later point in time. The guest check-in feature also allows you to mention if the guest is visiting from another country, purpose of visit and other government regulated details which you may need from the guest.


Customized Billing and Folios

The Property management system let's you specify a custom design format for your hotel's bill and generate booking folios.

You can upload your hotel's logo, choose the design and format of the bill and choose to include what you want to show the bill. Example - include guest name, phone number, taxes, total tariff, and exclude room number.

You can also choose to generate a customized folio for your bookings and use those folios for internal reference of future reference. The bills are all stored in your cloud account and tied with your reports and account modules, so you are kept informed on how much money is coming into your business for every booking.

If you are using multiple properties, you can choose to have a specific bill design format for a specific hotel. We give you complete control on guest billing and generating customer folio(s).

Travel Agent And Corporate Bookings

The Property management system let's you add travel agents and corporate agents into your account.

Using this feature, you can keep track of how much money you owe to the travel agent, how much money the travel agent owes to you, transactions with the travel agent and how much business these travel agents or corporate agents are giving to your business.


The Property management system let's you add housekeeping staff and perform housekeeping operations

When a guest check out is performed, you can choose to automatically mark the room as "Dirty". This will allow your hotel staff to know which room is dirty, which room is occupied and which room needs cleaning in real time.

Night Audit, Cash Counters And Opening Balance

The Property management system let's you generate night audit reports, have cash counters and add opening balance to each cash counter before beginning hotel operations.

The Night audit report is prepared daily for review which includes the following

  • Occupancy status of each room
  • Which rooms were unoccupied
  • Which guests check-ed in
  • Which guests check-ed out
  • What was the opening cash balance and what was the closing cash balance in the hotel
  • Voucher reports and any vendor payments
  • Housekeeping status and Comments left by the housekeeping staff
  • Current Stock position of the hotel and the requirement for the next day
  • All the transactions that has happened in the hotel cash counter including pending payments from guests

This feature helps you generate a daily night audit format for all the hotels which can be used by the General manager and the manager who was posted in the night shift. Reports can be printed on paper or downloaded in Excel formats and the manager in charge can adjust the cash position of the hotel by reviewing opening and closing balances of each cash counter.


The Property management system let's you add Inclusions and record Inclusion item consumption whenever an Inclusion item is added to a booking.

Apart from selling rooms and food items to your guests, it is possible your hotel sells other items on lease. This could include a room heater, swimming costumes, pick and drop services from airport and other things. It is possible that these services are chargeable to the guest. In that case, our system let's you add Inclusion and Inclusion items to a booking.

You can add Inclusion items to a bill before a reservation is made or you can add inclusion items to booking after it was made. The total bill for inclusions is reflected on the bill and you can also see Inclusion item consumption from Inclusions report page. This will help you track how much business your Inclusion items generate on any given time period and you can also track which bookings have inclusions in them and which bookings are free from Inclusions.

Customized Tax Profile

The Property management define a custom tax profile for each hotel you add to your system.

You can add taxes, specify the value of taxes, specify the rules of these taxes and in which items these taxes are applicable and also define when the taxes will be applicable and when the taxes will not be applicable.

Based on the customized tax profile you create in your account, your hotel's billing will be done. Every hotel may have a different tax profile and we recognize this need of creating a customized tax profile for every hotel and once this customized tax profile is in place, you can be sure that your billing process is error free.

Multiple User Hierarchies and Privileges

We understand your need of adding multiple staff members to your hotel management system and giving specific privileges to each staff.

Our system has been built with multiple user hierarchies and you can define privileges to each and every user, ensuring that each user can access only those sections where he has privileges. This will help you create different roles e.g General manager, Booking Staff, Housekeeping Staff, Accounts and Billing Staff and so forth.

We do not impose any restrictions on the number of staff members you can add to your account. You can add as many staff members as you want and can change the privileges any time. Privileges once created can also be modified at a later point in time.

Reports And Analytics

The property management system has reports for every functional aspect and built in Analytics which gives you up to date insights on what's happening in your hotel. At this time, the following reports are provided

  • Sales report
  • Reservation report
  • Occupancy report
  • Cancellation report
  • Inclusions report
  • Tax report
  • Restaurant report
  • Police report
  • Check-out report
  • Customer report
  • Housekeeping report
  • Transaction report

The Analytics section shows you how much revenue your hotels have generated in a given month, what is the break-up of the revenue with respect to travel agents, how much has the business improved over the months and which hotels are performing better than their counterparts.

Custom Invoices and Payment Gateway

Often times, you need to build and deliver custom invoices to your guests, who would want to pay you the invoice amount and once paid, the booking is confirmed.

When the money is collected from the client, we inform you that the guest has paid the money and hence, confirm his booking. The money is submitted into your bank account within 7 business days, so this entire process of sending invoices, collecting payments and confirming the booking is automated and needs very little manual effort.

Stock Operations And Management

We understand how important it is to keep a close eye on stocks and inventory. Using our PMS, you can maintain stock vendors, track purchases, consumption, returns, issues and get a birds eye view of all purchases that are made for Hotel operations. The housekeeping section lets you easily track who is consuming what

The Stock sections let's you perform round the clock Stock moderation, Inventory management, track purchases, returns, Consumptions, reduce misuse and Thefts.

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