Front Office Dashboard

Front office management software comes with a custom dashboard which lets you see the arrivals, occupancy and guest checkouts for all your properties.

You can check the arrivals, occupancy and guest checkout's of all your properties from any computer, mobile or tablet device. Front office management software for hotels lets you check the incoming and outgoing guest activity of your hotel in real time.

Booking Reservation Calendar

The Property management system comes with a booking calendar which shows you all the bookings, guest check-in's, reservations, hold bookings, guest check-outs in one page. This is the easiest way to know which room is booked, which room is reserved, which room is occupied, which room is under maintenance and which room can be given to a new reservation or booking on any given day.

If you have multiple properties, the booking calendar will show bookings from those properties as well. You can click a booking to see it's details and even perform basic operations - edit booking, cancel booking, check-in guest, check-out guest.

Guest Check-In

When a guest checks in to your hotel, you can use the guest registration card to capture information about the guest and print the same information in the bill that you provide. When the guest checks out from your hotel, the bill that you provide is stored in your billing software for future reference.

If you have multiple properties, the billing software will keep track of all the properties in one place and you can check-in a guest from anywhere, irrespective of location.

Guest Check Out

During guest check-out, you can print bills and provide the same to your guest and hotel staff..

Depending on the requirements of the guest at the time of check-out, you can print the bill before check-out or you can print the bill after check-out. You can also email a copy of the bill to the guest and your hotel staff.


Occupancy report helps you see the occupancy of your properties in real time. You can see which guests are check-ed in to a particular property, which guests are check-ed out and what is the current occupancy of rooms in a particular property.

You can download occupancy reports in excel, PDF formats and print it for convenience

Edit Booking

When you make a reservation in the hotel front office software, you can edit any booking at any time. This is particularly helpful when bookings and reservation dates, rates needs to be modified

In case of cancellations, you can edit the booking and mark is as cancelled. We keep logs for each booking that is edited, so you will always know which user had edited the booking and what values were changed

Customized Billing and Folios

We understand your needs for customizing a bill and printing custom billing and invoice formats for different guests. Our hotel billing solution comes with customized billing formats which can be used to print custom folios for guests, invoices and other documents.

You can upload your hotel's logo, choose the design and format of the bill and choose to include what you want to show the bill. Example - include guest name, phone number, taxes, total tariff, and exclude room number.

You can also choose to generate a customized folio for your bookings and use those folios for internal reference of future reference. The bills are all stored in your cloud account and tied with your reports and account modules, so you are kept informed on how much money is coming into your business for every booking.

If you are using multiple properties, you can choose to have a specific bill design format for a specific hotel. We give you complete control on guest billing and generating customer folio(s).


You can add inclusion items in your bill and show what inclusion items the guest has consumed.This includes Cab pick up and drop, Wi-Fi use, usage of other payable inclusion items and other things.

These inclusions and their price is added to your hotel billing software and you can keep track of how much revenue is being generated from inclusion items and include the consumption of inclusion items in your bill.

Give Discounts

The billing solution let's you provide discounts, coupon codes and other rebates during checkout. These discounts can be taxed or can be free of tax depending on your individual preferences. You can print the discounted amount in the bill and tie it with discount and rebate reports.

When you give discounts to a guest, you can choose to show the discount in the bill or hide it in the bill, so our customized billing solution caters to your requirement of control

Stock and Inventory Management

We understand how important it is to keep a close eye on stocks and inventory. Using our PMS, you can maintain stock vendors, track purchases, consumption, returns, issues and get a birds eye view of all purchases that are made for Hotel operations. The housekeeping section lets you easily track who is consuming what

The Stock sections let's you perform round the clock Stock moderation, Inventory management, track purchases, returns, Consumptions, reduce misuse and Thefts.

Restaurant and Point Of Sale

We understand how critical it is on your part to keep a close eye on Restaurant billing and operations, since this is the business unit which is most vulnerable for thefts and staff malpractice.

Our Restaurant management system comes with separate and integrated billing for restaurants and Hotel Frontdesk, and depending upon your needs, you can choose to have separate billing or integrated billing for Hotel Frontdesk and Restaurant.

Whenever food is ordered in your hotel's restaurant or Kitchen, you can associate that Kitchen Order Ticket with a booking and post the bill to that specific Booking ID. This will let you generate a single billing folio for your guest which includes both the booking cost and the food bill.

You can see how many bills were generated in a given day, month or week and can segregate how much business is coming from Dine In's, how much business is coming from Room Service and how much business is coming from "Take Away's".


The Property management system let's you add housekeeping staff and perform housekeeping operations

When a guest check out is performed, you can choose to automatically mark the room as "Dirty". This will allow your hotel staff to know which room is dirty, which room is occupied and which room needs cleaning in real time.

You can also see "Housekeeping report" which gives you a brief of how many rooms were cleaned on any given date, whether rooms need repairs and comments left by the housekeeping manager of your hotel. The housekeeping status of each day is included in the "Night audit" report for daily review.

Download Excel Reports

You can download a complete summary of the billing in Microsoft Excel format and calculate monthly profit and loss.

The bills that you generate from the system are saved in the system for future reference and you can always download a summary report in Microsoft Excel or PDF formats.

These reports are very handy when you are trying to do audit report, profit and loss calculation and prepare other financial documents..

Work Offline

The best part of using our On Premise standalone hotel management system is that it syncs all the data to your cloud account, whenever it finds an active internet connection. This way, all your data, transactions, customer information, billing, taxes, operational details are stored safe in the cloud account.

When the On premise system syncs data to the cloud system, the PMS and the Channel manager goes to work and updates your online channels as usual.

This reduces repeated procedures to update the PMS and the Channel manager again and again and automatic sync functionality built in.

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