Automatic Channel Management

The Channel manager is integrated within the Property management system and it helps you to automatically update room inventory and distribution count of your hotel rooms across all the online channels. Whenever a booking is received from one online channel, the channel manager will automatically update all the other online channels with whom you do business..

This automatic channel management will help you reduce double bookings and eliminate overbookings once and for all. On top of this, your room inventory will remain homogeneous across all the online channels, without any manual overhead whatsoever.

Once the channel manager is live with your property, you can sit back and relax without having to worry about manually updating the inventory through the extranet account of all the channels you do business with.

Push Room Inventory

The Channel manager lets you manually push room inventory to all your online channels at once, without having to login to the extra-net account of each provider one by one. This will help you update room inventory of all the online channels for a given room on a given date. This is very useful when you do not want online channels to sell more rooms and want to keep some rooms at your disposal for direct business.

The Channel manager is set to manually update the room inventory across all online channels but should you decide to override the automated room inventory update, you can decide to manually push inventory and regulate the inventory across all the online channels from one place.

With room inventory push feature, you don't need to update each and every online travel agent or channel manually.

Push Room Rates

Just like room inventory push, you can also push specific rates to online channels for given dates. This feature helps you maintain a specific rate for a given room in a given date and ensure rate parity is maintained across all the online channels.

You don't need to update the room rates through the extranet account of each channel, since the channel manager lets you push rates to all channels from a single page.

You can choose to set specific rules for rate push as well. This feature helps you regulate pricing and rate parity issues with online channels and this feature also allows you to override the default rate given to online channels on a given date, due to personal or business reasons.

Declare Sold Out

If on a specific date, all your rooms have been sold through direct bookings or local travel agents, you often need to mark your inventory as "Sold Out" to all the online channels. This becomes a really painful task when you are tied with lot of travel agents and have to login to the extra-net account of each and every online channel and mark a specific date as sold out.

The sold out feature let's you mark specific dates as "Sold out" and when these dates are marked as "Sold Out", the channel manager will update all the online channels that the specific date has been "Sold out". This will prevent any bookings from online channels on that marked date, so your business remains unaffected through double bookings or overbookings.

Receive SMS And Email Alerts

We have SMS and Email notification integrated into the channel manager which updates you and your staff whenever a new booking is received from an online channel. This keeps your staff aware about check-ins and guest arrivals from online channels and also updates you about the live inventory, so you are always informed about the occupancy of a room for any given date.

You can choose to receive SMS and Email notifications whenever a new booking is received from an online channel. You can relay these notifications to as many phone numbers as you want, and include your hotel staff, manager, front desk staff and so forth..

Channel Manager Integrated With PMS

The Channel manager is tightly integrated with the PMS and both are always kept in sync, so the inventory available in the PMS and the inventory available in the OTA is always the same. Whenever a booking is made in the PMS, the channel manager goes to work and update's the inventory in all the online channels. Similarly, whenever a booking is received from an online channel, the booking is marked in the PMS and that specific room slot on that specific date can not be booked by your hotel staff, which in turn eliminates double bookings and further confusion.

When a hotel channel manager is integrated with the PMS, all your bookings are kept at one place to see and monitor. This includes bookings made by your hotel staff, bookings from local travel agents, bookings from online travel agents, online channels. This lets you see a complete sales and reservation report of your hotel at one place, without having to go through long excel sheets and call different people or staff in your hotel.

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