Hotel management Software

IManageMyHotel is a cloud based hotel management system for mid sized hotels. It includes the following products

  • Cloud based Property management solution
  • Hotel Channel Manager
  • Online Booking Engine
  • Frontdesk and Restaurant management system

We provide end to end solutions for hotels using which hoteliers and property owners can achieve greater efficiency, effectively manage day to day operations in a hotel and automate routine tasks.

The Hotel management system contains a full features PMS (property management system) which can be used to manage the following

  • Booking and reservations
  • Guest Check-ins With Photo, Identity card, Passport
  • Daily arrival, occupancy, check-out alerts and reports
  • Invoicing and Customized billing
  • Sales reports, reservation reports
  • Booking Cancellations
  • Transaction history – Payment logs, Due amount, Pending payments,
  • Folios
  • Housekeeping
  • Night Audit
  • Travel Agent and Corporate Bookings
  • Build Custom Invoices and Collect Payments by sending Invoice in Email
  • Stock and Inventory management – track material consumption, vendor payments, store reports etc

We would suggest you start with the trial plan and see how this works and then upgrade to the business plan as per your requirements.

Yes our application allows you to manage multiple properties.

For each individual property which you would like to manage, you will need to purchase a license. You can use as many properties as you want, we do not have any restrictions on the number of hotels you can add in our system.

Yes our system comes with user role management system where you can create user roles like “Reservation Manager”, “F&B Manager” etc. Later you can assign users to one / multiple roles in different hotels. They will only see what they are supposed to access, according to the privileges defined by you.

There are no restrictions with number of users and you can create unlimited number of users for your hotels.

Absolutely no.

You can use our system from any Laptop or a Desktop with any operating system – Windows, Linux or OSX.

If you intend to use the restaurant management system across multiple computers in your hotel, you will need to purchase a modem to create an intranet. In short, no special devices are required to run the application and your existing computer should be just fine.

You need an Internet connection to use the Online Property management solution.

However, if your hotel does not have an active internet connection, you can use the Frontdesk and Restaurant management system to run it standalone without an internet connection. If you need to use Channel manager feature, then having an active internet connection is a necessary requirement.

Yes you can.

All the reports are synced in real time from the Frontdesk system to your cloud account. So no matter where you are, you just have to login to the cloud account to know what’s happening inside your hotel. You can see which guest is check-ed in, see arrival list, occupancy list, check-out list, sales report, pending payments report, restaurant sales, tax reports, Material issuance, stock status, vendor payments and much more.

If your hotel staff can’t read English and do not have basic computer literacy, this application is not for you.

We have built this application keeping adoption levels in mind but your staff still needs basic computer skills to operate the software. Once your staff gets used to the software and understands how it works, usage and operations should not be an issue. But we have seen instances when the hotel owner struggled a lot training his staff and it eventually did not work out. The Primary reason we have found is the ignorance of staff towards using a software. In that case, we can’t help.

We can give you the tool and show how to operate the tool, but we cannot guarantee whether your staff can run the tool or not. It would be better if you take the Trial plan, test it out and then upgrade to the Business plan, so you have nothing to lose.

Yes you can use the application from a smartphone or a tablet device and it will work.

However, some portions of the software are not optimized for mobile devices and devices with slow internet connections. This includes the Booking calendar, Channel manager and reports section which needs a bigger screen.

We do not have a mobile application yet.

The Subscription of the Business plan is not related with your usage.It simply depends on the number of hotels you use and how many rooms you have in each hotel.

Business plan users have no restrictions on any usage parameters.


Head over to the Pricing page and sign up for the trial plan. The Trial plan will let you use only one hotel for an unlimited amount of time but given the condition that your usage is low. If your usage increases significantly, we can talk further to upgrade your plan to a premium one.

The Trial plan does not include Channel manager, Online Booking Engine and the Frontdesk and Restaurant System.

Channel Manager

A Channel manager is an automated way of moderating the room inventory of your hotel with an online travel agent, for a given date.

When you receive bookings from online travel agents, the inventory decreases in real time. The inventory may also increase in real time in case of cancellations. This real time change in inventory has to be communicated to all travel agents as and when it happens. Otherwise, there are chances of Overbookings, double bookings and losses in business.

An automated Channel manager ensures your room inventory is always communicated to all the travel agents. When the Channel manager is integrated with the PMS, it gets to work even when you have Walk-ins and offline bookings. The moment you make a reservation from a local travel agent, the Channel manager communicates the inventory to online travel agents.

The following OTA’s are connected with iManageMyHotel at this time

Expedia, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Goibibo, Orbitz, Desiya / TravelGuru/ Yatra,, Splendia, Wotif, HotelBeds ,HotWire, Treovi, HostelWorld, Via GTA, HRS, AsiaRooms, Hotels4U / ThomasCook, Hotel Travel, Travelocity, Agoda

No we do not support this behavior. The reason being – the intention of a Channel manager is to give the same room inventory pool to all the travel agents. This also helps you keep parity in Room Tariffs.

No we do not support that.

We give Channel manager and Property management solution as a suite and you have to either use both or none. You cannot plug our channel manager into another Property management software or application.

In order to integrate your OTA details into our Channel manager, you will need to share your OTA extranet login credentials with our integration team. Once our integration team performs all the mapping and integrates your property with all the OTA’s, you can go ahead and change the username and password of your specific Extranet account.
No we cannot register your hotel or property with Online travel agents since it requires Contracting and other legal formalities which you have to take care of on your own. We can assist you in registering with different Online travel agents by connecting you with the market managers of these companies. Once you are connected with the market managers, they will assist you in Integrating your property into their system.

Online Booking Engine

An Online Booking Engine is a short widget which you can generate from your account and embed it in your hotel’s website.

When you embed the booking engine in your website, your website visitors can book a room in your hotel directly from your website. They can select the rooms, check in date, check out date, fill in their details and use the payment gateway we provide to book a room in your hotel.

Once the reservation is made, you get a notification in your property management solution that a new reservation or booking has been received from the online booking engine. The money that is paid by the guest is transferred to your bank account within 7 business days.

See an example of an online booking engine here

We support major customizations required by hoteliers across the globe. This includes but not limited to the following

  • Background color, theme, look and feel, font type, font sizes and other design
  • Include one property or multiple properties
  • Include room pictures
  • Add coupon codes, discount options
  • Invoicing and Custom billing
  • A custom rate for booking engine
  • Surge Pricing for given dates
  • Advanced amount, percentage, taxes.

If you need a customization which we do not support yet, we can have it specially built for you against a one time fee.

Restaurant Management System (POS)

The Frontdesk and Restaurant system is installed in a computer of your hotel and works without an internet connection. You can continue to work on the Frontdesk reservation system and Restaurant software even if there is no internet connectivity in your hotel. When Internet connectivity resumes, you can sync all the data to your cloud account, which can then be accessed from the PMS.

When you sync the Frontdesk system with PMS, the software will pull all the bookings and everything else into your offline application and vice versa. Restaurant operations are also synced with your PMS account, so you can check your Restaurant reports from anywhere.

Each Frontdesk System is mapped with a particular hotel and restaurant, while the PMS can have multiple hotels added to it. From the PMS, you can see reports and operations of all the hotels you have while Frontdesk is essentially a standalone offline application for a single hotel and restaurant.

Yes you can create users and assign privileges from the Frontdesk and Restaurant software. Depending on your needs, you can create staff hierarchies and ensure a user has access to only specific parts of the application.
You can download the reports in PDF and Excel formats. You can also print daily reports from the application.

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